Elbow Pressure Balanced and Lateral Tied expansion joints

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Pentamet delivered elbow Pressure Balanced and Lateral Tied metal expansion joints to Power Plant in Europe. This particular metal expansion joint went to the power plant in Southern Europe. Metal expansion joints, also named as an compensators are crucial elements in oil & gas and energy sector, as well in chemical industries.

Metal expansion joints are needed to absorbs axial, lateral, angular movements between in piping systems and between rotating details. Good examples are gas/ steam turbines. Metallic expansion joints are also necessary to absorb vibration and thermal movements.

Without metal expansion joints the pipelines and other details where the movements occur, will broke, as metal pipes itself are not elastic enough.

Metall expansion joints are elastic, because they contain at least one bellow element.
Metall compensators are designed based on the initial data.
Axial movements, lateral movements, angular movements and the inner medium, pressures are the most important to determine the proper design of the metallic expansion joint.

Example, this current pressure balanced and lateral tied expansion joint has four bellow elements. This means, that this metallic compensator need to absorb all possible movements and the combination of those on the same time. Also this compensator needed to stand pressure and the estimated life time needed to be at least 20 years. This compensator is designed to work in hard conditions, so the quality is extremely important!

Determining the expansion joint proper design and dimensions is complicated engineering work. It requires using different mathematical formulas. If done not properly, then there is high risk that the expansion joint will fail. Also it can damage other details connected with it.

Pentamet has about 20 years of experiences with metal expansion joints and fabric expansion joints.
Our expansion joints are known for high quality and competitive price. We export compensators to every continent.

If you need any kind of expansion joint, then feel free to ask an offer from us!

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