Flue gas ducts to Sweden

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Pentamet delivered 100T of flue gas ducts to project in Sweden.  Ducts went to the Swedish power plant. Flue gas ducts are common elements in energy sector, those are widely used in power plants, oil refineries, plants. Nowadays most of this kinds of products are needed in developing countries, where exist large energy demand. Currently most of the new power plants are being installed in fastly developing Asian and African countries. Even Flue gas ducts  are relatively easy products, it is  still not easy to manufacture those. The sizes are usually a huge, which makes manufacturing and handling ducts complicated. in order to successfully manufacture large size ducts, hoppers, vessels the manufacturer needs to have workshop with high ceilings with cranes inside.

Pentamet can manufacture flue gas ducts based on client specific requirements. We are able to manufacture flue gas ducts in various sizes and shapes. If you need any kind of flue gas duct, then feel free to contact us and let us know your specific requirements.

We are sure, that we will find the best solution for you and we are able to provide competitive offer for you!

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